Saturday, November 6, 2010

How to make your dreams come true?

In this post I'm talking about how to make your dreams come true. After knowing what are your passions and goals (If you don't know click: How to find your passions in my blog.) you have to start working on them. Keep diary or notebook close so you can keep track of your journey.
Dreams will not come true easily you have to invest lot of time and energy to the actions.

Some tips how to think and how to not think.
For example, there's a car you wish to buy but it costs too much. You will not get this car if you start thinking "This car costs too much for me, I can't get it" - This is wrong motto. You will make your chances lower than 0. Instead of that think "How do I get this money?" Start working on your thoughts and you'll see some results soon. 

Positive thinking helps you lot on your journey. Only with thinking you will not achieve your dreams. 

Easy steps to follow:
1) Every morning write on your diary about actions what should be done. These actions must take you closer to your goal.
2) After writing them to your notebook, just start doing them.

For example: 
My goal is to set up new business on repairing computers. Every morning I'll write down actions like this one "Today I'm going to library and take some books about repairing computers. After that I'll check some info about processors, monitors.." And so on. 
Plan your time and stop wasting it.


  1. dude this is a great idea..i think this could help many people to also you could call it "life-guide" :D

  2. That's sounds like a very simple, effective idea to start making dreams into reality. Thanks for this.

  3. really helpful stuff, thanks man

  4. I've always heard writing down your goals and steps to get there always helps, but... I've found it never works for me unless --- you have money. So, dreams are never possible to achieve without money from someone somewhere for somebody.

  5. This was very inspirational for me. Make me feel like I can accomplish my dreams if I plan it out and stay vigilant, thank you so much.

  6. I need to start doing this...
    I have my eyes set on one goal.
    My life dream.
    I hope I can achieve it..

  7. I used to be super positive about crap, but then stuff failed. Since then, I've just tried to now think about things happening until they actual do, then I cant be disappointed!

  8. what do you do when you don't want your dreams to come true? lol...

  9. my dream is to waste time but thanks in case I change my mind