Saturday, November 6, 2010

How to find your passions?

Whole world is opened to you. Don't waste your chance, find out what are your passions and what you are good at. Quote from C. Castaneda: "Death is not a sad, do you know what is sad? That you aren't ever lived." Or something like that...

It's  quite easy to find out your passions.
You need  pencil and notebook or paper you can write on. Take some time and answer to these questions or follow the steps.

1) Make a list of your goals or what ever you want to get. (Don't be shy, write down everything)
2) If I could do one thing for the rest of my life, what would it be?
3) What do I love to do?
4) What would I do, even if I didn't get paid to do it?

Dig deep within yourself, think about what you love to do with your spare time, and whether it's something you could do full time. Combine your talents. Maybe you have more than one talent, like doing tricks on a BMX, and you love to write. Could you see yourself writing books on BMX riding and tricks, or true stories about how those riders started out doing what they love?  

Try doing a few new things. Take up some extra hobbies, try writing or singing; just get out there and try all kinds of things. It will help you see what you do like doing and what you don't; and hopefully, your passion. Talk to people who are involved with what you find interest in. Ask questions on how they got started, what they like/dislike about it etc. Then maybe give it a shot and see for yourself if it's something you truly are interested in or not.

After finishing this task leave a comment did you find your passions and interests. 


  1. Don't know who Castaneda is, but he sounds like a real smart guy.

  2. Please, write! I love your posts :)