Saturday, November 6, 2010

What is happiness to you?

Before starting your jounery with me make sure you know what is happiness to you. What makes you feel great?
Some examples: Many people think happiness means lot of money and they might be right, some other folks say that true happiness is finding true love, I cannot say that it would be wrong either, so you have to find out what means happiness to you my friend. (If you don't know, where to start looking you should visit How to find your passions in my blog.)

Happiness is probably one of the very simple and natural phenomenon or state in human mind. Let the kids tell you what they think about Happiness:

10 years old boy: "Happyness is a fuzzily dreary morning lying in bed."

9 years old girl: "Whenever I have time to ride with my bike, I'm happy. I have freedom to go where I want. I'm free as a bird. It cannot be happy unless you're free."

7 years old girl: "Happiness is the smell of the summer morning air, cool and crisp."

10 years old girl: "Happiness is when the waves roll on the beach and do not wipe away my sand castle."

8 years old girl: "Happiness is a warm feeling in your stomach."

8 years old boy: "Happiness is a disease because it spreads."

12 years old girl: "Happiness is like a thick liquid mud."

Make it your own conclusions Life is a mystery. Don't waste time trying to figure it out. 
Simple things are difficult when you make them difficult.


  1. You got some doos thoughts. Bless you!

  2. You have some really good quality posts here, I'll make sure to visit often :) Keep up the good work.